Sunday, 25 October 2015


Tomorrow I am meeting up with my oncologist to decide if that treatment was sufficient and I don't need any more attention.. I certainly hope so, but I shall wait and see and not get worried until I know.  Its been quite a journey from the mammogram in May and then after coming back from seeing my girl in Canada, starting the treatment in July... 15 days of radiotherapy and then, as they said, two more weeks when the therapy was continuing to work around the breast... bruised and discoloured, itchy and irritated skin that broke and wept a bit... then it all started to heal... Then, I caught a virus that laid me low for three weeks, so this evening I am happy that my body is back to normal and I feel quite myself again.

I cannot imagine that in two months we shall be at the end of another Christmas day.. This year, instead of entertaining the family and friends, I am going to be spoiled and given lunch at my daughter's house in Oxford. My other two sons will be there and her family, so it will be super to be all together.. We shall probably try and ring Dan in Australia and Gaby in Canada, so we can all chat and catch up and bring them into the celebrations with their little families too.

I like Christmas, but it is such a lot of work for mothers and wives. I don't think that one really appreciates how much has to be done, planned and executed and keeping a smooth household without dramas as well as you go along! when all five were little, it was very hard work, but so enjoyable seeing those little faces light up on Christmas day.. what fun and happiness and laughter roared through the house. magical days indeed.

So now I am not having to worry about Christmas planning, just having to get all the gifts sorted, and I actually do start in October to get the little bits and pieces sorted so I can manage to have an array of gifts for my kids and their kids, without spending a fortune. I know how easy it is to spend a lot of money on toys and items for others, without really knowing just exactly how much everything is costing.. but this year I am going to be frugal.. no more sending out #Christmas cards Used to spend over £60 just on the postage, which is stupid money gone down the drain, so they will all be emailed, or spoken to.. I know its nice to see cards, but really the cost of sending now I am retired, it is just too much money..
I sound like a skinflint I know, but really it is common sense..  I have found reading other blogs so inspirational and the ideas astoundingly good and easy to copy.. I had one year, the very best gift of all. It was a hamper made by my daughter in law, with homemade things in it, like jam, bread biscuits, soap and it really was so wonderful as it was made with thoughtfulness and deep love.. so that's the mood for my Christmas this year.. somethings made by me, and other gifts thoughtfully chosen at the Charity Shops.. what are you all going to do this year?

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  1. I agree, Christmas time is enjoyable and IT IS A LOT OF WORK!