Wednesday, 6 April 2016

still procrastinating.**

I thought I would be brave and start an Etsy shop, but apart from putting one item on, I have hidden myself away from doing any more and yet I have lots and lots of stuff that I could put on there, but its a bit frightening to me at the moment... I will summon up courage later and have another go, because I have enough to put on the shop and sell it, just getting my head around the fact that everything would have to be posted and I hadn't thought about that fact, as with ebay you can choose if they come to collect themselves or courier... so that's the update on the shop...

Apart from that I see that it is almost another two months since I posted, and already we are approaching the middle of April... each year it seems the time slips by so fast, but this year is getting even faster, and with this decade it seems that 80 is looming very fast on the horizon indeed!!

Yesterday I went and spent hours at a Spa local to our house. It was a typical April day, showers and sunshine, but so relaxing.. We went in at 11 and came home after three thirty, so quite a considerable time just focussing on ourselves. As mothers we never have this luxury do we? So, for my girl to take time out from her full time job and motherhood was great. She bought this day for me as part of my Christmas gift, and I must say I really did appreciate the time spent with her. As she lives two hours drive away we catch up regularly on the phone, but see each other several times a year.. however it is rare too, to have just us talking with no interruptions.

I had head and face massages, and what bliss... each time I do a Spa day... very rarely... maybe this was my third in my lifetime... I think how easy it is to arrange and why don't I do it more often..

When we arrived home my husband remarked on how laid back we looked... so relaxed after our hours together.  I am happy for her too, that after several hard years after her husband left her for another, she is back on track and utterly happy*  All the children are now grown up and on their ways to fulfilling careers and at last she has found a man that compliments her in every way and she is so at peace with herself and happy.  We met him a couple of weeks ago and found him great company and certainly her intellectual equal. Of course at their age, everyone will have baggage,.. he has two grown up children and holds down a very important job with one of our main building societies. He seems utterly in love with her too, so I certainly hope this will work out in the future.

We only want our children to be happy don't we.. despite what happens to them, we cannot interfere, as it is their lives they are leading, but how hard that is, not to get involved...

 Her daughter my granddaughter, is getting married June of next year, and I am sure that will come around very fast.. they have already chosen where they will marry and hold the reception... all very exciting..

 At home, we are still trying to declutter, got so much to get rid of , it seems to take ages and when you look again, it doesn't seem that much has happened although I have been to the dump to rid of the stuff.,.. so you see, life here has been busy and that is why I haven't had the time to get typing recently... so for the moment I will sign off, but hope to have more time later in the week...