Monday, 16 November 2015

A broken Heart

On Friday night, just as I was ready to turn off the computer, I was given the chance to see a piece of immediate news that I could not believe... on the front page of the newspaper was news just in, of a terrible massacre in Paris.. citing several places that had been attacked, and the number of people that were thought to be dead and injured** I did not think I would sleep that night after understanding the enormity of these actions by corrupt and ideologised young men, saying their actions were for Allah and the Isis factor. Their understanding was, that by killing innocent people enjoying a night out on a Friday meeting friends attending concerts and football games, it was in the name of Allah... How this comment ever justifies killing I will never understand. We know that the Mosques have people within their clergy who incite young people with their rhetoric, but we allow them to speak and radicalise the young... We must stop this dangerous practice within these places.. Not one person of authority from the Muslim community has spoken out against the horror that was inflicted on the innocent people in Paris... Not one person has stood up to say this is not the way of Islam... and you know why? Because for centuries, this belief includes the killing of people who are not following the Islamic religion... and who are therefore considered Infidels.

In the early Middle Ages, a war was carried out against the Muslims because of their influence over the majority of Europe against the Christians of the World. ~These wars were brutal and awful in their destruction of lives.. all because the Muslims wanted to overtake and influence all the world. Luckily after much struggles, the Christian Factor survived and the Muslims were pushed back into smaller areas of the world.. Now after so many centuries, this new interpretation of Islam is pushing forward with the same agenda of taking over the whole world. We are blind if we think that the thin veneer of suitable behaviour in order to fit into our modern society, means that muslims are sufficiently westernised, not to be a threat to us all.

 Modern society offers belief that a multi cultural society is possible and will lead to peace. However in order that society can say this we have to allow all cultures with their different beliefs to live along side each other and not interfere with how they are undermining our present society. It is extremely difficult for people of different faiths and cultures to live along side each other without conflict. Since the beginning of time, tribes have sought to overcome other tribes in their search for food, water and safety... Once they have achieved that and their numbers grow, they go further afield to search and overcome other tribes for possession of their land, food and water.. and so it goes on and on...

These days with wars all over the world., and parents seeking safety, we have the disasterous situation of many millions of refugees seeking help and attention to get to a place of safety. Within these terribly afflicted families are also other insurgents, intent on spreading their version of Islam wherever they can...and they will bring danger wherever they go and are allowed to stay..  Today on the news, we have been told that 45o young people have been to be trained in Syria, and who have now returned to the UK without their passports being revoked, or they being detained whilst we discover the truth about their visit to the war zone that is Syria.. Why has this happened? Why are they allowed to walk amongst us, planning what mayhem in the future? Our Border controls have always been lax, but in this time of danger, we are all at risk.... God help us, not just here in the UK but all over the western world.. We are truly at the start of a very perilous journey..

Monday, 2 November 2015

lacking order leads to chaos.

My grandson left home this Spring, as soon as he turned 16 years old. Apparently that is the age, when you can make decisions and act on them. When you do not have to do what your parents wish you to do. When you can refuse to see a Doctor or Specialist who might be able to help you curb your anxieties, but where you can decide to self medicate instead with Marihuana.

When I was rearing my children I was able to discipline them without worry. When they deserved a telling off, or a smack they got it without worrying about the law getting involved. Things have got so bad now, that parents are afraid to parent, and now we are seeing almost feral children taking over schools' classrooms and just doing what they want to do. Society is going to lose out by rearing this generation who have no respect for older people, no respect for each other, and who live their lives
 concentrating on what they want... whether it is booze or drugs, endless parties and noisy music or the latest gadgets or designer clothes*

They do not have any idea that speaking to an adult, should be different than talking to another
child. They have no concept of knowing their place in this world, which is as youngsters, learning how to behave and succeed

 I worry how the next generation is going to cope. Already we have children having children, more than at any time before.. we were sold the idea that sex education in schools would teach the kids what happened when they indulged in it, and what happened?,., more babies than ever are born year on year sometimes to girls as young as 11!.

 If a child will not follow your rules and wishes in your own home, you cannot put a finger on them to make them fall into line... so, we have children ruling the roost and demanding and getting whatever they wish for. All this turbulence is caused by lack of discipline in their private lives and also society who has decided that children have as many rights as adults. This surely must be incorrect.

We were taught to respect Adults because they were older and wiser.. We stood up together when a teacher  came to the classroom. We called all adults Mr.. or Mrs.... or Aunty and Uncle if they were not related but friends of the family... Grandparents were definitely called by a proper address, rather than first names as seems to be the case so often, now.

 I resent very much, the fact that my step grandchildren have been allowed by their parents to call me by my first name. When I objected, the 8 year old, said to me, 'but my mummy calls you by your name, and I already have a grandma.'...I have tried to get them to call me something understandable, like Grandma J, but no go. 

I am far away from my daughter living in Canada, but the situation would be the same here, if they lived here. We have given too many rights to the children and they do not have the maturity to be able to manage these rights correctly. They are so aware from a very young age, that touching them by smacks or restraint is against the law and they are not afraid to say so to your face!

I have an example of this freedom to choose , which is my grandson refusing to live in his own home with his parents, because he could not do without smoking the weed... he feels that his parents should ignore the fact that he smokes several times a day, to the point where he is incoherent and not able to function. He thinks that his choice should be allowed.. he knows that his father cannot hit him, so causes huge scenes to try and goad him into retaliation, then he could go to the social services and say that his life is endangered by his father's behaviour... what kind of society are we rearing.?

.. it is quickly falling back into anarchy, which we can see if we look at the trouble spots all over the world.. the young are upsetting all the rules, causing anarchy and unrest, as they believe they can establish a better, more fairer world... absolute rubbish.!!!.. the balance will never be addressed to being all equal, life just does not turn out like that..
. Even if you shared wealth and possessions equally, within a very short time, there will be those that have more, and those that have less... its an endless cycle and one which gets repeated over and over.

Whilst trying to safeguard the safety of children within the  home, trying to make adults not beat their children, the law has backfired! ... There will always be abusers, and that will continue , rules or no rules, law or no law.. For the sake of the few abusers, we have left our parents without the equipment to run orderly and respectful  homes, where love abounds and the children do well  and treat their adults and older people with respect and honour..

We need the tools to create a safe environment for our kids, but at the moment its a total mess and doesn't seem to be getting any better. Instead of stopping abuse by parents on children, we are creating a society, where the children abuse the adults , and that's no way to run the world!