Monday, 16 November 2015

A broken Heart

On Friday night, just as I was ready to turn off the computer, I was given the chance to see a piece of immediate news that I could not believe... on the front page of the newspaper was news just in, of a terrible massacre in Paris.. citing several places that had been attacked, and the number of people that were thought to be dead and injured** I did not think I would sleep that night after understanding the enormity of these actions by corrupt and ideologised young men, saying their actions were for Allah and the Isis factor. Their understanding was, that by killing innocent people enjoying a night out on a Friday meeting friends attending concerts and football games, it was in the name of Allah... How this comment ever justifies killing I will never understand. We know that the Mosques have people within their clergy who incite young people with their rhetoric, but we allow them to speak and radicalise the young... We must stop this dangerous practice within these places.. Not one person of authority from the Muslim community has spoken out against the horror that was inflicted on the innocent people in Paris... Not one person has stood up to say this is not the way of Islam... and you know why? Because for centuries, this belief includes the killing of people who are not following the Islamic religion... and who are therefore considered Infidels.

In the early Middle Ages, a war was carried out against the Muslims because of their influence over the majority of Europe against the Christians of the World. ~These wars were brutal and awful in their destruction of lives.. all because the Muslims wanted to overtake and influence all the world. Luckily after much struggles, the Christian Factor survived and the Muslims were pushed back into smaller areas of the world.. Now after so many centuries, this new interpretation of Islam is pushing forward with the same agenda of taking over the whole world. We are blind if we think that the thin veneer of suitable behaviour in order to fit into our modern society, means that muslims are sufficiently westernised, not to be a threat to us all.

 Modern society offers belief that a multi cultural society is possible and will lead to peace. However in order that society can say this we have to allow all cultures with their different beliefs to live along side each other and not interfere with how they are undermining our present society. It is extremely difficult for people of different faiths and cultures to live along side each other without conflict. Since the beginning of time, tribes have sought to overcome other tribes in their search for food, water and safety... Once they have achieved that and their numbers grow, they go further afield to search and overcome other tribes for possession of their land, food and water.. and so it goes on and on...

These days with wars all over the world., and parents seeking safety, we have the disasterous situation of many millions of refugees seeking help and attention to get to a place of safety. Within these terribly afflicted families are also other insurgents, intent on spreading their version of Islam wherever they can...and they will bring danger wherever they go and are allowed to stay..  Today on the news, we have been told that 45o young people have been to be trained in Syria, and who have now returned to the UK without their passports being revoked, or they being detained whilst we discover the truth about their visit to the war zone that is Syria.. Why has this happened? Why are they allowed to walk amongst us, planning what mayhem in the future? Our Border controls have always been lax, but in this time of danger, we are all at risk.... God help us, not just here in the UK but all over the western world.. We are truly at the start of a very perilous journey..


  1. It is all so complicated. And just sad. I can't understand why everyone can't just get along.

  2. me neither Birdie, but its been the same since time began... just got a whole lot more complicated with modern weaponry and the web... where it all ends, dread to think... its our grandchildren and their children that will have toclean up all the mess..

  3. Everyone cannot get along when hatred is their religion. I find it oddly strange the Islamic religion is based upon Abraham whom God made the father of Israel. Muslims say death to infidels, anyone who isn't Muslim. Like my sister says about some Christians...God gets blamed for so much He has nothing to do with.