Friday, 30 October 2015

what a palaver**

On Monday because BT telecoms advert kept  getting in the way every time I wished to use the web on my mobile, I decided to see if I could rid myself of the annoyance by reverting to an older setting.. well, that did it* It froze onscreen with the apple icon, and stayed like that.. could not get it to jump or reboot, no matter what I tried over the next few days, and oh, what a loss it was to me..

 I went to visit friends and of course got lost, because I didn't have my little helpful map thing on the phone

.. finally on Thursday, that is, yesterday, I got to go to the Apple shop in Leicester.. Of course I printed out a map and directions, but guess what?

 There was an accident, so had to turn round, rejoin the motorway and get off at the next junction.. so no map was helpful at all!! I stopped at a small garage and the lady told me the directions and I bought the map of the area off her, and started on my way again. The kindness of some people is so charming.. anyway, got to the centre of the town, stopped in a restricted zone to see if any one could help.. just hope I don't get a ticket for that... then parked and thought that if I have to walk, a long way, then I will have to do it, but park the car first..

 On my way to the lifts I asked a man where to find the shop and he said that there was one in the very centre where we stood.. Thank the lord, again the kindness of strangers.. he took me onto the floor of the mall and pointed it out to me..

A young man in the shop  saw me and took the phone away for half an hour, then returned it to me.. the phone is now working, but I have to rejoin it to the wifi and all the other settings re establish..

Now I am NOT a techie, so probably the whole of today will be taken up, just trying to reconnect... wish me luck!!!

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