Friday, 30 October 2015

I am back in touch with the Universe and cannot be happier**

  I was not surprised to find that the iphone had to be completely reconnected to the web, as if it was a new machine... so I went and called Apple help, and finally after several attempts to get seen to , and after holding on each time for more than ten minutes, I got a girl who was very very helpful... later it turned out it was her first day, and she had the patience of Job, as I am no techie, and had to wait for me to implement her suggestions, but she got it working again.

. I think that the person yesterday at the Apple shop should have got me back on line, but it was so busy I don't expect he really had the time...

 all in all, I think it was almost two hours of hanging on then chatting to my friend the girl who was based in Lisbon** to get me back connected... well, how marvellous that feels, and I just hope that from now on in, this phone will behave itself***
 This is a picture of a very happy lady, back in touch with Blogland  yay !!!!¬


  1. I have been on hold with Apple before and know how exasperating it can be. Glad you have it all worked out. :-)

  2. thanks for all your encouraging words... hope you have a great week..