Friday, 25 September 2015

week 2

This is the start of week two after completing the sessions of radiotherapy.. I really did feel like a fraud whilst waiting in the waiting rooms for my turn. The hospital was amazing and the staff so kind and gentle, which made it much better for us all. However it seemed that the others were far more unwell than I seemed to be, and bought me down to earth with a bang. I attended the hospital for 15 days excluding the weekends, and finally it ended. We were given a short talk by the expert radiologist who warned me that the skin under my boob was likely to break and be painful and to be aware of tiredness and maybe a bit of depression afterwards. The zapping continues to work for two weeks after ending the sessions... so during that two weeks cells are dying and that is why the skin breaks...

Well, it does break that's for sure.. after two or three days all seemed intact, but now it is raw and open and very red indeed. The curious thing is that its just itchy not a pain as such, just so irritating.. I put cream on it, but it doesn't really have much affect except feeling cooler as the skin receives the cream 

Even my bathtimes are not as relaxing and enjoyable- as I can only bathe in water, no perfumes or creams or potions in the water, so its quite an in and out operation at the moment... no lingering in sweet smelling perfumes in the bath**

 However, despite the tiredness too, which I was trying to will away, I am pleased that I dealt with it as fast as they could do it, and not put it off.. I was saved by mammograms and certainly, because of no symptoms, would be carrying on without knowing that my cells were about to turn cancerous** What a different outcome that would have  been*


  1. Hey, Janzi. Just stopping by to see how are doing. I hope you are feeling OK. Sending hugs!

    1. Hi Birdie, I am getting better and the skin is healing, but because my immune system is compromised, I caught a very nasty virus and still getting over that two weeks later..** I am grateful though that my skin is now healing and the bruises going.. seeing the oncologist on the 26th.. Hope you doing well too..