Monday, 18 January 2016


well, its aready half way through January and I still have not blogged this year much about anything- when I first started, I had so many thoughts that I wanted to let out of my head, I could manage to write something almost every day, then I got lazier and ran out of ideas- so then I decided to read the other blogs and along the way became a bit discouraged as they all seemed to be so busy doing things around the house, the children or in the kitchen, and I had served my time doing all those things, a very long time ago.

Here it is, the start of another week, and today my youngest son started a new job with a much bigger firm than before... He continues to surprise me all the time. About two years ago after working his way up the ladder at a building supplies firm on a graduate scheme, starting in the wood yard, and becoming a manager of a large outlet.. He decided to try and see if he could actually get out on the road and become a proper salesman. I was anxious as I know how hard that job is, but he sailed on, got big contracts and then was head hunted by a larger firm and leader in the building supplies industry, so he is joining them this very day. I am so amazed how he has taken to real sales, like a duck to water, and of course I am so proud of him and the fact he was right, he does suit that life*

When I was fourteen I would get the evening paper, The Evening Standard, and read all the adverts, imagining what kind of job would suit me and that I would enjoy doing. Of course, it didn't work out like I had planned... I had wanted to be a theatre clothes designer, and carried dreams of going to attend the Slade school of Art. I had friends who would have helped me get in, but financially the family could not afford me going, so I had to start working. I began my work career in a Bank. My father had talked to his friend who was a bank manager, and so I managed to start at his branch at the very bottom of course. I had not stayed on for A levels, and just had my ordinary five passes in GCE. I worked in banking for three banks for the next five years. Always never having enough money as most of it went on the trip into London where my work was. I was always in debt to my parents, and never managed to be able to save... That hasn't changed, I still find it almost impossible to save any money at any time**
Anyway, after the Banking bored me, I went and got a job as assistant to the Accountant at a company that was situated in Pall Mall London. This company worked out the money owed by radio stations all over the world, who by playing the records would have to pay for the privilege and each week the accountant would work out how much each station owed and send an invoice.. This was not as challenging as I had imagined, so after a while I went and found another job, this time in Reception where I answered the phone from people all over the world, as it was a PR company, one that was well known internationally.. From there I joined Ogilvy and Mather which was even more famous and for them I was working as a secretary to the accountant again* Me, a secretary, it took me all day to finish a letter! how they had such patience with me, was astounding as I really was not such a hot shot at being a secretary!  Finally I did find what I was going to do with myself when I joined a Recruitment Company.. At last I was interested and found it challenging each day, in a positive way, where I could help others get their perfect jobs*

I worked in recruitment for almost forty years, and closed my business just two years ago. Now I have retirement to find a way to engage me, and that is why I thought that blogging would be a good outlet.. However as I said, I ran out of words.. so I am going to try in the next few weeks to get some photos done and maybe discover what way I want this blog to go. So, hang on to you hats, as I take off on another great adventure.. I hope... speak again soon..


  1. There are so many different kinds of blogs out there. Some do only recipes. Some are into crafts or decorating. Some like mine are sort of a diary. If you think I am busy with homekeeping and such, you are wrong. Ever since I retired I am having a hard time getting myself into a routine and missing my friends terribly. So many days I speak to no one the entire day since my husband is sick and has not gotten out of bed in three days. There are days when I have nothing to blog about and then I don't blog or else I throw a picture up or post something I read on the internet. Blogging isn't always easy, but it does connect me with lots of really nice people, like you, that I would never have met otherwise.

    Best wishes to your son. What a great achievement for him. That is wonderful news. And I really enjoyed hearing about your earlier jobs. So interesting!

  2. bless your heart Kathy, you have such a warm personality that truly shines through your blog... My husband has been unwell recently too, with some cold virus that just would not go and which left him so energyless that he stayed in bed for three or four days too... don't know what it was,but it seems to be going now, and thank goodness for that** I hate seeing my man ill, its so rare, that its quite a worry when it happens and not having any energy is so unlike him... plus he lost his appetite and in over 25 years that has never happened before!! I do hope your darling gets better soon... happy thoughts to you, janzi

  3. did have something to blog about! Like your friend said - every blog is different. I'm a story teller, so what I write about is short stories of my journey through life. And as you know, I definitely don't do it very often...

    It's really easy to compare yourself to others in this blog world but we all have to get past that, comparison sucks the pride in your own self right out of you. I used to do it a lot but I try very hard now not too as it stops me from being who I am.
    I'll look forward to seeing pictures, though, I love pictures!! And the history of your life and all the places you have lived and all the things you have done is great fun to read about. Keep doing it!

  4. Hello! I can't imagine how you found me, but I'm pleased you did. For me, blogging is all about connecting on many levels with interesting folks from around the world. I spent time this morning reading through your posts .. so glad you were able to successfully manager the precancerous cells in your breast and that your husband is now on medication to better manage his COPD. Take good care, Helen in Bend Oregon!